see me
oil on canvas/ 6' by 6'/ 2013/ 5800.00
the crow
oil on canvas/ mardi gras feathers/ 5' by 6'/ 4200.00
as above so below
oil on canvas/ mono-print fragments/5' by 6'/ 5000.00
truth or consequence
oil on canvas/mono-print fragments/ copper foil/ 7' by 7'/ 6500.00
present at 11:11
oil on canvas/5' by 6'/ 3500.00
mother theresa
oil on canvas/ lace/ 3' by 4'/ 2700.00
Commissioned mural, 'Warriors' @ casa de Mirabeau
Commissioned mural, 'Warriors' @ casa de Mirabeau




My paintings are conceptual stories, told through the character's unique interaction with their abstract environments. 



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ayanna bassiouni

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visual and performing artist