Ayanna Bassiouni/ visual/ performing artis
Grettel Arrate Hechavarria/ painter/ muralist
Vivian Lozano/ printmaker
Mary Lovelace O'neal/ painter, printmaker
Caridad Ramos/ sculptor
Joanne Ludwig/painter
JHELISA/ vocalist/ composer

There are a balance of different mediums and concepts that work together on an intellectual platform as well as a structurally sound and cohesive body of collective work.


The women will work together during an artist residency in an open gallery space with the unlimited use of the streets and iconic cultural resources from the city of Santiago de Cuba.

After the creative intensive residency, there will be an exhibition that will present visual, performance, audio and multimedia components. 

The relationship that artists have to language and culture is shared across the planet. There is a voice that stretches beyond politics, beyond religion, across the silenced road there is a common dialogue,

Un magnífico sueño/a magnificent dream.


Ayanna Bassiouni/ Tahimi Cugat/Mary Lovelace O'neal/ Grettel Arrate Hechavarria/

Joanne Ludwig/ Caridad Ramos/ Vivian Lozano/ JHELISA


                Salon de arte urbano

Conveniently located in the Center of Historic Santiago de Cuba is this new contemporary art gallery run by the city of Santiago.

The Gallery is supportive of the urban transformation that is taking place in the city at this extraordinary time in the history of Cuba. Dedicated to the community and to a vision of expressing the multidimensional voice of creativity and connectivity that makes the city such a rich and magical place.

The gallery will be the home base for the 8 artists as they investigate, exchange ideas and create a collaborative exhibition of works. The Salon de Arte Urbano has offered their full support and opened their doors for the artists to work as they please during the residency. Culminating in the grand finale, ‘La Linea’ opening reception.