My relationship to my work is founded in the spiritual.  The source that I pull from is of an energetic principle that leads me into creativity and self discovery.  I am moved by the abstraction of reality and tenaciously work towards the desegregation between the abstract with the linear elements in my work. I consider myself a creator. This responsibility disciplines my life and facilitates the endless flow of synchronicity and magical life experiences. 

     As a creator I am bound by my passion and reverence for the beauty of every moment. I am in awe of the mathematics involved in subtle connections.  I recycle the infamous sorrows. I live this creative process, documenting my experience with all the tools at my disposal. My work is a kind of language I use to process the visual and energetic stimuli and re-create, finding all the beauty and truth beneath the ruble of change and time.

     The conceptual content of my work is in a constant state of transition, as it is informed by the navigation of my life and the act of uncovering and building foundations for the next transition into movement.  I am motivated by the human experience in all its manifestations, the physical form and the intuitive relationship to the environment.


It is this addiction to the raw honesty of human interaction and the infinitely layered aesthetic of our environment that has seduced and directed me to the multidimensionality of printmaking. I use many different print-making techniques and often combine them to create emotional environments that is often the extension of conceptual ideas that will become paintings. My relationship to painting is more mathematical. My characters are used to tell conceptual stories, find resolutions, express emotional ideas, and bridge the gap between the physical form and their abstract environment on the canvas.

The marriage between the linear and the abstract interpretations of reality is present in my work and has developed over a lifetime of experimentation with the balance between this tenuous union.  This way of processing my work creates multiple layers that connect to each other and represent ongoing stories that continue to rediscover the foundations through a familial lineage.



silver scarab studios

ayanna bassiouni

artistic director

visual and performing artist